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Customer Review – Observer 4×4 RX

My new 4×4 RX has performed extremely well. It is, in the words of my very experienced carer/driver ‘the best I have ever seen‘. The chair has done all that has been asked of it. I have been on the soft sand of my local beach at Gorleston (first time in 8 years) and the … read more

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Our Top 4 Tips for Adapting a Bathroom for Disabled Users

It can be tough living life with a disability. Every day things like a trip to the bathroom can become a nightmare ordeal. That’s why it’s important that your rooms are altered to make access and use, much, much easier. Here we’re going to look at our top tips for converting a bathroom into a … read more

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Could you live with a wheelchair for a day?

The NextStep Wheelchair for a day Challenge (WFD) is a global campaign designed to make non-wheelchair users understand the daily challenges that mobility restricted people face. We think it’s a brilliant way to raise awareness at A4W Products, imagine if you had to spend the rest of your life reliant on a wheelchair, how would … read more

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