Mobility Batteries

Welcome to the Future!!!


Left – 12v 45AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery @ 10Hour Rate

Right – 12v 60AH LiFePo4 Battery @ 1Hour Rate


LiFePo4 Batteries are the most advanced batteries available. All new hybrid cars you see have this type of battery and they have been proven to be the safest batteries you can buy.

This technology in your wheelchair or mobility scooter could benefit you.

Using the same specifications of your current 2 x gel, lead acid or agm batteries,

Benefits of Changing to LiFePo4:

  • Double the range, e.g. if your current batteries do 12 miles, changing to these batteries will give you at least 24 miles
  • Half the weight
  • At least 3 times the life expectancy, e.g. if your current batteries last you 2 years, a LiFePo4 will last you at least 6 years

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Delivery time: 2-3 weeks