Observer 4×4

Model: All terrain wheelchair SKU: observer 4x4

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The Observer 4×4 is a superb Outdoor/Indoor chair. It can be equipped with an auto-leveling seat enabling it to climb curbs, steps and steep slopes (up to 45 degrees) without the sensation of leaning or falling. Ideal for rough terrain, mud, snow, pebbles and sandy beaches.

Feedback from our customers is that this is the most powerful thing they have ever seen. With other chairs or scooters you would have to speed up to get over obstacles, but with the Observer you have that power and torque so there is no need.

The New Lithium battery will more then double the range and has 3 times the life expectancy of lead acid batteries. In the nearly 5 years we have been selling them, we have not replaced a single one yet.

There is also a 2 wheel drive option. This is a castor wheel that lifts the back two wheels off the ground turning it into front wheel drive making it indoor carpet friendly. Ideal if you are going on a ramble and decide to go to a pub or restaurant.

This chair is the only 4 wheel drive mobility device on the market that will turn into 2 wheel drive.

Home demos can be arranged within 2 weeks and we recommend you take us places you want to use it in the future, Beach, woods, steps.

Comes with 5 year warranty on the frame 2 years on all components.

Recommended yearly service £150

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